How We Know We Live It Out



Le Moyne Athletics believes that perfection is unattainable, but we are unwaveringly on the pursuit of excellence with integrity. We believe that change and development is a transformational process that takes time, dedication and a strong discontent for anything less than one's personal best. With individual growth occurs, cultural growth occurs; as cultural growth occurs, success both on and off the field also grows.

Twice a year, at the end of the Fall semester and at the end of the Spring semester, we ask all of our student-athletes and coaches to participate in a ITL department-wide culture performance tool that incorporates our translated core values and ties them to assessing the overall health of a sport program. More specifically, it is a 360 degree survey tool where student-athletes assess how the team and the coaching staff utilizes the performance indicators for each value and, in return, the coaching staff assesses how their student-athletes and their own staff live out the indicators.

Once the data has all been collected for each program, coaches review the results to identify areas of strength, trends and areas of opportunity that exist to continue to improve upon the collective successes of each program. This tool provides a departure point for continual dialogue between colleagues throughout the department by creating an exchange of ideas and shared challenges for continuous advancement.


Learn more about each of the core values that we measure.